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Many people picture drug rehab as a never-ending lineup of counseling sessions. While Ashwood does offer traditional substance abuse counseling, our rehab program is so much more than that. At Ashwood, we will work with you to find the help you need according to your budget. We’ll call your health insurance company to negotiate that.

We offer 3 unique levels of care depending on the severity of the individual’s addiction, their schedule, and insurance coverage.

  • Substance Addiction
  • Mental Health Conditions
  • Medical Care Needs

Our ultimate goal is to help our patients to learn how to avoid relapses and maintain long term sobriety. Individual recovery plans are designed to address each patient’s specific addiction, background, and mental health issues. Whether you contact us by phone, message or chat, you’ll be in contact with someone from our admissions team. Many of them are recovering addicts and have personally experienced the damaging effects that addiction can have on relationships, health, employment and finances. They also understand how intimidating taking the first step towards sobriety can be.


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