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Our Drug Rehabs in California service helpline and information page: seeks to inform Californians about drug and alcohol addiction treatment options in California. We offer several articles on various treatment methods, including long term residential treatment and independent drug counseling. More than that,, offers overviews of current treatment programs, like Methadone replacement therapy for those struggling with heroin addiction. Please review our articles when making your decision about which treatment program is appropriate for your needs.

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California Drug Rehabs and is a site dedicated to providing information about various treatment options throughout California and the southwest. Both inpatient and outpatient facilities are available across the state. We strive to provide methods of identifying drug abuse in loved ones as well as current treatment methods.

In this day and age where alcohol and drugs addictions are rampant, the need for more and more drug rehab centers is warranted, nevertheless when faced with finding the drug rehab in California suited to rehabilitate an individual it can present a challenge since there are so many treatment centers. Each program can vary a great deal with how they go about treating addictions and the list of issues associated with them. It is a fact that some approaches work better than others.

Remember, in the real world, a quick-fix, cutting corners and taking the easy path leads us “wide of the mark” and more often than not we end up backtracking to fix what we started until we get it right. These can be tough lessons in life, but things we must learn to indeed be successful. This principle also applies to find a qualified drug rehab because recovery is not a painless process but is hard work. Also, ironically, a quick-fix is usually a cause of addiction, and often the first thing the addict seeks when trying and clear the problem.

For example, a person addicted to heroin or Oxycontin for years decides he or she needs to quit but instead of detoxifying and entering a residential inpatient treatment program (which is the most successful approach in recovery) to address the addiction they go to a methadone clinic or suboxone doctor and risk becoming dependent on these drugs, which in the long run can be potentially harder to overcome because of the long half-life they generate. Methadone and Suboxone can be useful drugs for detoxification and wean-down processes for the harsh physical addiction brought on by opioid and opiate dependencies. However, that only addresses one side of the addiction, the physical part, because no matter how physically addictive a drug is, rehabilitation recovery of the mental, emotional, social and spiritual aspects of the addict is the primary determining factor to whether an individual stays clean and sober or not.

Therefore if it seems like an easy program for ending drug or alcohol addiction, it might not be intense enough or comprehensive sufficient to keep an addict freed of alcohol or drug addiction for long. Therefore be sure to find a drug rehab in California that can really save you from chemical dependency and put you on a course for true freedom and not a program that only treats the symptoms.

Here at Addiction Centers Directory, we help find treatment centers because there are thousands of drug rehab centers in California alone, not to mention throughout the entire USA that provides some type of program for various recovery issues attributed to addiction disorders. Also, we recognize that each drug rehab may have different belief systems, therefore, offer various treatment methods. Moreover, we comprehend that finding a drug rehab that will treat the whole human being and not only the surface issue is central in the recovery process. So if you want help with, we can assist you in many aspects of rehabilitation.

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