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3114 E Ida's Road Sundance, UT 84604

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The Cirque Lodge is in our estimation the finest drug and alcohol treatment facility located anywhere in any country. The fact that the Lodge Facility is nestled in the majestic mountains surrounding Sundance, Utah puts it over the top! Sundance is an exclusive private mountain community located one hour from Salt Lake City. The panoramic windows of our Lodge offer beautiful views of the imposing glacier carved the Cascade Cirque, glacier fed waterfalls, year round snowfields and of course the Sundance Ski Resort. The Lodge sits at the base of majestic Mount Timpanogos in the Cascade Range of the Wasatch. The Lodge itself is an exquisitely decorated mountain retreat with tastefully appointed rooms and amenities for those in need of the finest in alcohol and drug rehab treatment. It’s warm and luxurious accommodations provides what we believe to be the ideal place for healing and recovery. People got you down? Deer, elk, and moose are our neighbors, and it is not uncommon to hear or see them wandering near or even through the Lodge property


Research has shown that it takes multiple treatment approaches for drug addiction to help individuals, which is really what you are dealing with, individuals. The approach is going to be different in treating a middle-aged mother of four with a prescription drug problem, than to the treatment approach for a 19-year old college student who is struggling with alcohol and methamphetamine.


Detox is the process of getting the drugs or alcohol out of the system and treating withdrawal that can occur. Prior to entering a treatment facility, detoxification can be required. The length of a detox stay does vary on a number of factors. This includes the severity of the dependency (addiction), what levels of drug are in the system, the type of drug and how long it takes to get an individual stabilized. Medical detoxification involves using a series of medications to curb withdrawal and cravings, and constant monitoring from medical professionals.


Greek philosopher Socrates is attributed to saying: “Education is the kindling of flame, not the filling of a vessel.” Educational elements help those in rehab to firmly kindle their flame. It is much more than learning about addiction, drug treatment and its science. This education is a foundation of information to help the addict/alcoholic continue to kindle and rekindle their flame for recovery. At Cirque Lodge we do this through a series of psychoeducational workshops, groups and even through our experiential piece in the mountains. Women residents are assigned a female counselor who oversees their drug treatment plan, and facilitates counseling sessions and therapy. This will enhance the experience of women in recovery.

12-Step Program

We are an abstinence-based and recovery oriented facility with a foundation upon the 12-step program developed by Alcoholics Anonymous. While in treatment great care is taken to introduce and implement these steps into the lives of our residents. This is found through all aspects of care whether it be the clinical side or through experiential therapies. The real efforts of recovery take place after the completion of drug treatment. With a foundation of the 12-steps, our residents have a continuing point to their recovery by going to meetings, working with sponsors and helping others in the program.

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