Fentanyl Addiction

Fentanyl is a highly addictive opiate that is 80 times stronger than morphine. Fentanyl, a Schedule II drug, is found in transdermal pain patches as well as in buccal form. Fentanyl is highly addictive and deadly when misused or when accidentally over absorbed.

Fentanyl is a very strong narcotic painkiller and administering this drug can be very dangerous and could be fatal. Even assuming the transdermal patch works directed, the directions for using this drug must be followed exactly as described to avoid death and serious injury from overdoses. There have been reports of defective patches where fentanyl leaked onto the skin faster than the drug is intended. This could result in an overdose causing death and other serious side effects.

Fentanyl overdose results in several adverse side effects in some patients, as well as serious side effects if over absorbed. This includes many breathing problems as well as coma and death in patients who are overexposed to the drug.

Fentanyl is also highly addictive and patients using Fentanyl patches (Duragesic, transdermal, pain patches, crystalize) run the risk of becoming physically dependent on the drug and subsequently suffer severe withdrawal when the Fentanyl is taken away.

Thousands of families across the United States have been adversely affected by Fentanyl pain patches and buccal tablets. Fentanyl has caused unnecessary side effects, addiction, and death in hundreds of patients.

Fentanyl has also proven to be extremely dangerous in recalled pain patches as it has caused the death of hundreds of men, women, and children since 2004. Even if marginally mishandled Fentanyl has proven to be deadly.

The Fentanyl patch, also known as the Duragesic patch or the Transdermal patch, has been linked with over 120 deaths by overdose. Although most Fentanyl patches are comparatively safe, the Duragesic brand had some manufacturing defects that resulted in the deaths. Due to the problems that some patients had with their patches, patients and relations of those who have died as a result of using patches are filing legal actions against the Duragesic company. In a few cases, the results have been in favor of the claimants to the tune of several million greenbacks in settlements.

Therefore, if you or a family member has suffered due to laxity on the part of the manufacturer, you want to find a Fentanyl patches counsel as fast as possible.