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A small, safe pellet implant helps you stop, now. It not only blocks the ‘pleasure effects’ from alcohol and opioids, but more importantly it blocks those urges, cravings and intense desires that keep us locked in the cycle of addiction. Now free of this madness, the real work of sobriety can take root like never before so you can get addiction out of your life–once and for all.

• Works effectively 24/7 and for months

• Steadily releases non-narcotic/non-addictive FDA-approved Naltrexone

• 100% Biodegradable/completely dissolves over time

• Safe, simple 15-minute procedure with minimal discomfort

• Offering 3, 6 or 12-month tailored recovery programs (Outpatient)

Let’s be 100% clear: this pellet is not a cure. But it is a very effective opportunity for those committed to sobriety. It’s a stopping of the mental and physical madness of active addiction that most call AMAZING, LIFE SAVING and EXACTLY WHAT I NEEDED TO BREAK THROUGH!  It’s an immediate relief from the madness that addiction causes you, your family, your employer and your bank account.

Why is this medical foundation so important? So you can uncover, discover and successfully work through the root causes of addiction without those constant cravings that cause the vast majority to relapse, especially in the early weeks and months. You can now freely focus on learning and living the Principles of Recovery in your daily life.

The Heart and Soul of our program is the 1:1 Work: Our expert team of Recovery Coaches, Therapists, Peer Support Specialists, and Doctors will most definitely help you help yourself to get firmly established in a life of sobriety, but lasting recovery is up to you. This is your future, your life…what could be more important?

We will be with you every step of the program, but NOBODY can ever do the actual work of recovery for you. You must take ownership, responsibility and initiative at every turn.

Recovery Success Rates:

Traditional Treatment: About 10%

Our Program: About 80%

Igotsober Recovery Center is not for everybody. If true and lasting sobriety is what you want, then you must be willing to make significant lifestyle changes, many of which can prove difficult. A lot of people claim they want to get sober, but then shy away when it comes to making the necessary commitment for change.

With your sobriety, you are free to do just about anything in life. Without it, you are free to do just about nothing. What will your choice be?

If getting sober is finally the top priority in your life, call 402-552-8890 to schedule a confidential consultation.

100% Confidential and Outpatient


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