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Lasting sobriety requires long-term goals and a sense of long-term vision. For a patient’s recovery to stand the test of time, they must be steadfast in their recovery with goals rooted deeply in what brings them peace and comfort. While this vision is fundamentally different for each of our clients, it is always developed through a well-structured and rigorous process which requires serious effort and hard work. Recovery is a lifelong process that constantly requires maintenance to sustain sobriety.

Upon arrival at the Indiana Center for Recovery, you are welcomed by your treatment team and fellow residents. Our staff will work with you to develop a more complete picture of your true self: what inspires you, what drives you, what fascinates you, what motivates you, and what makes you feel whole. We want to make you feel as comfortable as possible at our residential center and you are on your way to a full recovery.

Before you can commit to moving forward—no matter how personalized the path—you must first understand the challenges that lie ahead in your recovery journey. At Indiana Center for Recovery, you will discover a newfound understanding of addiction, helping to cement your efforts in finding a new way of life. You will learn the deep-rooted issues behind your substance abuse and the triggers that cause addiction behaviors. Then, you will develop the tools to address these issues.


Working with your treatment team, you will begin to shape a recovery plan—fortified with proven clinical best practices—that leads toward the life you want. Here, you will find the tools you need to live a life of sobriety, with special focus on methods you can continue back home. Learning how to transition back into everyday life is an important component to the recovery journey.

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