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LVRC Provides a Comfortable, Stable Residential Treatment Center

We understand that many people seeking help for their drug or alcohol problems would prefer not to go into a residential treatment center, because it means leaving their families and loved ones at a difficult time.  The decision is not easy and it raises many questions and concerns. We ask that those who are seeking treatment be honest with their situation: is it possible to quit consumption of drugs and/or alcohol in one’s current environment?  Many can’t just stop their use without continuous support in a clinically managed environment for an extended period of time. With a structured daily routine, along with support from professional staff and those who are facing the same challenges, individuals may have a better chance of finding recovery in a residential treatment center.

Why Go Into Long-Term Residential Drug Treatment

Residential drug treatment is recommended after completing a medical detox or for those who would best benefit from a 24/7 clinically managed environment for cessation of drug use. A structured living routine with little downtime provides stability and overrides cravings that may emerge during treatment. By living with others in a community, accountability is established, along with clear boundaries, and both are skills that enhance the chances for long-term recovery after leaving treatment.

Addiction is an isolating disease. Some are afraid to seek treatment for fear of judgment and their own guilt. But in a residential setting, everyone shares the challenges of addiction and the victories of recovery. Staff and residents are in the process together, and a tight and supportive community forms. Facilitated by professionals, individuals learn how to set and keep boundaries, make and keep commitments, and take responsibility for their living situation. In addition, by focusing strictly on recovery, those in residential treatment can learn how to establish healthy routines and develop positive attitudes without the pressures of friends, family, work or school.

The Residential Treatment Center at LVRC

In our tradition of providing a full continuum of addiction treatment services, the Las Vegas Recovery Center offers two residential treatment centers, one for males and one for females. Our two residences provide a stable, clinically-managed environment for clients as they strengthen the skills they need to function in society without drugs. We offer a comfortable, safe setting that includes regular monitoring, supervision, individual sessions, groups, and support services. The homelike surroundings of our residences, including beautiful backyard and pool areas, help diminish the stress associated with the rehab process and allow residents to relax into recovery. The setting is intimate, with individualized care for no more than eight people in each residence. The average stay is about a month, depending on a client’s diagnosis and progress toward healing. By participating in residential treatment, clients gain access to our addiction recovery program, which combines a strong foundation in 12-step work with evidence-based approaches, providing the best possible chance of achieving sustainable recovery.

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