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Located in the heart of Kings Mountain, Kentucky, the Liberty Ranch is an affordable rehabilitation center that offers a safe, structured, and comfortable environment to overcome drug and alcohol abuse. With over 25 years of experience, The Liberty Ranch has helped thousands of people recover lives that were once lost to drug and alcohol abuse.

Intensive Outpatient Program – Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation

The Liberty Ranch IOP supports men and women suffering from alcoholism or addiction to amphetamines, cocaine, Fentanyl, club drugs, designer drugs, opiates and prescription drugs. This program is appropriate for clients managing work and family responsibilities while attending part-time rehab. Substance misuse IOP is not recommended for men requiring medical detox or those requiring 24/7 supervision for severe chemical dependency.

Licensed through The Kentucky Cabinet of Health and Family Services, we now offer cost effective outpatient services to the community.

A Data-Driven Approach to Drug Treatment

A comprehensive program that includes evidence-based treatment using psychological principles tested through scientific research.

The Liberty Ranch Rehabilitation Center provides: Intensive outpatient services (3 days a week, 3 hours a day),

Having been built on 70 acres of gentle rolling hills and woodlands, the residents of The Liberty Ranch are able to relax and focus on developing a 12-step program appropriate to their chemical dependency in a very serene and comfortable environment away from the fast paced life of city living.

Recreational activities on the ranch include hiking, fishing, playing horse shoes, volleyball, basketball, and billiards. Residents also enjoy activities such as barbecues & swimming, or setting around the fire pit on logs enjoying the company of friends and loved ones while watching a beautiful sunset over the mountains.

Inpatient vs. Outpatient Treatment: Which is best for you?

The first step in any program of recovery is admitting that you need help.  Often times, a life that has become unmanageable due to drugs or alcohol is a signal this this problem might be more than you can handle alone.  Many addicts and alcoholics try to quit on their own, and experience cycles of abstinence and relapse, with no long term success.  The next step is to seek outside help.  That comes by way of Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, licensed therapists, psychiatry or a reputable treatment facility.  The avenue with the highest rate of success is the treatment center.  These programs offer intensive therapy and instruction in a healthy, structured environment.  Treatment centers come in two different levels of care, the inpatient program and the outpatient program.  But which option is right for you?  What are the differences in these two programs?Inpatient Programs

The inpatient treatment programs are far more intensive.  Clients live onsite for a period ranging anywhere from four to six weeks, sometimes more depending on individual situations.  Clients receive 24-hour supervision in a residential facility by trained staff and licensed therapists.  Many inpatient clients benefit by being part of an in-house community of patients and counsellors, all dedicated to a program of recovery.  “The strengths of the inpatient program are the consistency and constant accountability for behavior as well as a team approach to treatment,” said Brandy N. Corder, Clinical Program Director at the Liberty Ranch Rehabilitation Center.  Clients don’t have to go it alone, the program comes with a readymade support system.  The inpatient program provides a more intensive level of care, and some treatment centers even offer medical care and psychiatry services.  Clients remain engaged in group and individual counseling, treatment exercises, psychoeducational lectures and general well-being activities.  What many clients find most beneficial, however, is launching a program of recovery in a safe environment, free of the distractions, stressors and triggers of life outside the treatment facility.

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