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Inpatient vs. Outpatient alcohol and drug rehabilitation in Ohio Treatment options and Ohio addiction facts.

When you or someone you love is struggling with drug or alcohol addiction, the thought may be both scary, and exciting at the very same time. You’re scared about what spending time at an Ohio drug and alcohol addiction treatment program will be like and afraid to admit that you cannot overcome the stronghold of addiction without help. But, you’re excited at the idea of finally breaking free from the devastating effects of addiction and the deeply rooted pain that it causes in every facet of your life. We get it! If you or someone you love is currently suffering from addiction and worried about what comes next, seeking help from one of the many Ohio drug rehabs that are available to guide your recovery can help.

Addiction is a growing problem in Ohio. Major cities like Cincinnati, Akron, Dayton, and Cleaveland have been hit hard by the opioid epidemic. The majority of Ohio opiate overdose deaths involved deadly Fentanyl, accounting for 73% of all overdose deaths in 2018 and creeping in as the leading cause of cocaine-related deaths as well. People in Ohio need treatment for substance use disorder and yet, much like the rest of the United States, only a fraction of those who need addiction treatment receive help from an Ohio drug rehabilitation program.

Inpatient vs. Outpatient Drug Rehab in Ohio

The first major question that arises when making the decision to seek help for drug or alcohol addiction is whether or not inpatient treatment is really necessary. As an addict, it’s easy to downplay the severity of your addiction and convince yourself that you don’t need residential care. As a family member of someone struggling, you’ve probably been told, “It’s not that bad,” or, “If I go to rehab, who’s going to take care of…” The reality is, these are ways that an addicted mind will manipulate the situation to get what it wants – and this is not always what is best for the individual.

When choosing between the various Ohio alcohol rehab centers and drug treatment programs available, there are two primary options: Inpatient and outpatient. Each has benefits and can be helpful if it is the appropriate level of care for the individual. Inpatient drug rehab in Ohio provides around-the-clock medical monitoring and support to the patient while he or she lives in the center and receives daily counseling and therapy. Likewise, outpatient drug rehabs in Ohio deliver counseling and therapy, usually several times a week, based on a predefined schedule, while the patient resides at home.

Inpatient rehab centers are reserved for those who require extensive stabilization and are unlikely to remain sober if they return to their normal routines. Ohio inpatient rehabs generally provide 30, 60, or 90-days of treatment that allows the patient to completely reform drug or alcohol use habits and learn coping skills to help them abstain from future substance abuse.

Outpatient rehab centers, on the other hand, are often a stepping stone back into sober living after residential rehab has been completed. Since there is only limited monitoring during outpatient rehab, Ohio patients that receive this form of addiction treatment are generally recommended to first successfully complete a residential rehabilitation program before transitioning or “stepping down” to outpatient care.

Unfortunately, it’s very common for insurance, rather than medical advice, to dictate the level of care that an individual in recovery needs. Insurance often only provides 2-3 weeks (or less) of residential treatment coverage and, as a result, many patients find themselves spending significantly longer in outpatient rehab centers than in residential treatment.

Choosing Between Ohio Rehab Centers

If you or someone you care about is considering treatment at an Ohio rehab center, consider a program that offers the level of care that is right for your needs. Not all Ohio drug rehabs are the same by any standards. Comprehensive treatment programs with personalized treatment options that will fit you or your loved one’s unique needs are available. You just need to know what to look for when choosing between the various Ohio treatment programs available.

As a general rule of thumb, treatment research begins with your insurance. If you don’t have insurance, your treatment will be largely dictated by your ability to pay. If you do have insurance, consider first making a list of Ohio drug and alcohol rehab centers that are in-network with your insurance provider.

Next, consider each of the following as you narrow down the treatment options available to you or your loved one:

  • Location of the center. Traveling for rehab allows you to step away from negative situations and to start with a clean slate.
  • Levels of care provided by the center. A center will a full-continuum of care or “all levels” of treatment (detox, residential, IOP & PHP, & outpatient) can provide you with the stepping stones from each level of care as you progress through your recovery.
  • Whether the center provides dual diagnosis treatment options for underlying conditions. More than half of all people suffering from addiction have co-occurring mental illness, if you or your loved one suffers from anxiety or depression or any other co-occurring condition, dual diagnosis treatment is necessary.
  • Types of therapy provided at the center. Simple, low-cost Ohio drug rehabs may provide very basic therapy programs such as CBT, DBT, individual, and group sessions. Elaborate Ohio drug and alcohol rehab centers may provide everything from EDMR therapy to brain mapping and neurointegration therapy. Choose a program that provides diverse therapy that will help you recover.

Ohio drug rehabs are designed to pave the path to recovery from those whose lives are most deeply compromised by addiction to drugs or alcohol. If you or someone you care about has suffered from addiction to drugs or alcohol for long enough, it’s time to choose an Ohio rehab center that can lead to you or your loved one to sobriety. Plenty of treatment options are available to help end the vicious cycle of addiction for good.

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