Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

The mental health of a person is often determined by the events in their daily life. post-traumatic stress disorder is defined by an event and someone’s reaction to the event. This disorder usually happens when someone goes through a horrifying ordeal in their life. There are symptoms through which indicate that one has PTSD. However, this disorder can only be diagnosed maybe one month after the symptoms appear.

The first thing one should do if they suspect they have post-traumatic stress disorder is to visit a doctor. The doctor is going to determine whether it is PTSD. Then the doctor will check whether PTSD is being caused by underlying medical conditions or by trauma. It is advisable to seek a doctor from a notable hospital to help you. The doctor to determine whether to treat using psychotherapy or medication.

Other than going to a doctor, you can also find someone you trust. Find a safe place or person to help you let go of the trauma. This should be a person you can confide in; someone with whom you are free to cry, scream, shout or even laugh. Talking to such a person helps to relieve the traumatizing events that led to PTSD and helps you let go.

You could also choose to join a supportive therapy group. Here you get to meet others who have suffered just like you and who have PTSD. It is easier when you are around people who understand what you are feeling since they too are feeling the same. You also get to meet others who suffered from posttraumatic stress disorder but are now well.

Looking for ways to let off steam can also help one to deal with PTSD. Exercising, a painting could do this, or doing an activity, which takes your mind off your problem.

Another way that has been known to help in dealing with post-traumatic stress disorder is a chair massage. You could choose to try it. Get a respectable therapist to attend to you. The respect between client and therapist gives the client control. The client controls the touch massage. This is through setting boundaries regarding the touch and depending on how comfortable one feels. It helps to let go of the physical pain and appreciate touch.

It is also advisable for anyone suffering from PTSD, to understand the condition. Gather information by reading books and understanding what you are up against. You can also opt for hypnosis. The doctor will need to know straight forward what happened to you to define a strategy to use. You are hypnotized and the power of hypnotic suggestions helps you to let go of the trauma.

As you recover, help others who are also suffering from PTSD. It is also good to note that there are different ways of dealing with PTSD. This means that what worked for another will not necessarily work for you. Overall, never go it alone with PTSD. Always seek help.