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San Diego Drug Rehabs

San Diego is the second-largest city in California. It borders Mexico to the south and is home to some of the most fabulous beaches of the west coast, but like many of its neighbors, San Diego is also affected by a high rate of drug abuse. California Addiction Centers Directory has been providing San Diego residents with innovative and effective drug addiction rehab. Get in touch with one of our San Diego drug rehab experts today, and we will help you in your battle with drug dependency.

Drug Dependency Symptoms Should Be Met With Rehab

Do you feel that a loved one is neglecting their responsibilities at work, school, or at home? Is a loved one secretive? Indulging in activities that arouse your suspicion? Have there been any rifts in their normal behavior? Are they hyperactive or paranoid? If they are so, then it’s time to get them some help. Be on your guard if your teenager has bloodshot eyes or dilated pupils. They may have succumbed to the grip of drugs. If you witness any of these symptoms in any of your friends or relatives, it is better to get professional help right away.

Get in touch with our San Diego team of experts at California Addiction Centers Directory. We can help you or your loved one towards leading a better and healthier life.

Drug Abuse Statistics in San Diego

San Diego in California is among the worst affected regions as far as drug abuse is concerned. A more significant part may be associated with the high intensity of drug trafficking that takes place from Mexico. There are over 60,000 marijuana users in San Diego and over 26,500 users of prescription drugs. About 10,000 cocaine users and 4,500 people use hallucinogens. There are over 2,500 people using inhalants and about 500 users of heroin in San Diego.

If you believe that you are alone in your battle against drugs, you are wrong. Currently, there are over 100,000 residents in San Diego who are struggling with drug dependency issues. Some of the statistics are presented here to shed some light on this grave situation.

  • According to recent estimates, San Diego is home to over 60,000 marijuana users and 26,000 users of prescription drugs.
  • Over 10,000 residents abuse cocaine, and about 500 people use heroin.
  • About 4,500 residents use hallucinogens, and about 2,500 use inhalants, often risking overdosage and frequent visits to the emergency room.
  • In the past year alone, over 7,600 people were arrested on drug-related charges, and over 5,800 Driving Under the Influence (DUI) cases were registered in San Diego.

If you notice being drawn towards any of these substances, don’t waste any time. You need help, and you would be doing yourself a favor by seeking help. Contact any of our experts at California Addiction Centers Directory and get help to cope with substance abuse.

Our Services at California Addiction Centers Directory

If you have decided to free yourself from drug dependency, you are a step closer to a happy and successful life and two steps ahead of over 100,000 others who are still dependent on drugs. At California Addiction Centers Directory, we employ a practical and compassionate approach in our treatment process, including the detoxification and intervention processes. We understand that even deciding to become drug-free is a tough one. This is why we will be doing everything possible to make the treatment process as smooth and effective as possible for you. We believe that a complete recovery from drugs is possible only when your mind and body are at peace. To achieve this, we provide psychological counseling services to all the help-seekers at our facility. This will help you to remain positive and motivated throughout your treatment.

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California Addiction Centers Directory has helped a large number of San Diego residents to recover from their drug dependency, and you too can benefit from our services. Feel free to get in touch with us at any time or contact SAMHSA on the national hotline. Contact our team of experts for more information on drug addiction treatment for San Diego residents.