Suboxone Addiction

What is Suboxone Addiction?

Before familiarizing yourself with what Suboxone addiction is, let us tackle first what Suboxone is. This term refers to a narcotic drug that has been used in treating opioid dependence. This drug has been the first choice of many doctors. This has been legally done under the DATA 2000 law or the Drug Addiction Treatment Act of 2000. Suboxone’s primary ingredient is Buprenorphine, an opioid agonist.

Suboxone is in a tablet form that is taken under the tongue. It comes from 2 mg up to 8 mg sizes. It contains naloxone, an element that is responsible for blocking the effects of drugs and other medications such as methadone, heroin, and morphine. Naloxone is added to this drug in preventing people from the improper use of tablets.

Understanding Suboxone Addiction

Suboxone addiction is a condition in which the patient had become addicted to taking this drug. Maybe you are curious about why people get addicted to it. In the past years, when people get dependent on an opiate, the option in treating it is to undergo a typical procedure of detoxification. In the treatment process, the patient suffers from a painful and debilitating withdrawal. Statistics have shown that patients undergoing this treatment have often relapsed. Aside from this traditional management of opioid addiction treatment, there are replacements of opiates in the healing process.

In recent times, there are many forms of procedures as a replacement for Suboxone treatment. Examples are as follows:

What Is Buprenorphine

This drug was originally utilized as a pain reliever. This had been used twenty years ago and was banned quickly because of its properties that can be addictive to users. This drug has also been sold illegally at times causing it to be forbidden.

What Is Buprenex

Buprenex is another pain reliever used in treating opiate dependency which does not put off withdrawal symptoms. Patients are given this drug for a specific period and then stopped once they are considered stable.

However, taking the mentioned drugs can result in various treatment results. Some patients return to their preferred drug after finishing the treatment process using a different kind of drug. Also, another way to reduce Suboxone addiction is the process called detoxification. Many patients have been successful in this kind of method. But to fully make this way effective, the detoxification is followed by therapeutic management.

With the detoxification process, patients are allowed to manage their dependency from opiates within 48 hours. Familiarizing yourself with Suboxone addiction can result in an understanding of the entire treatment and the potential for dependency. This addiction can result in withdrawals that can cause the sufferer intense side-effects. This is also the reason why medical experts do not always recommend using Suboxone in overcoming opiate dependency.

Facts About Suboxone Addiction

  1. Too much of it can cause death.
  2. The drug is costly and needs a prescription.
  3. Continued use may result in health deterioration.
  4. Pregnant women using this drug may harm the fetus and their selves.
  5. When quitting Suboxone withdrawal symptoms are likely to occur.