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About Wilderness Treatment Center

Wilderness Treatment Center is a family owned 60 day, inpatient chemical dependency addiction treatment facility for teens / young men between the ages of 14 and 24. We combine a conventional 30 day inpatient stay with a 16-21 day wilderness therapy expedition. As always, each of the expeditions is staffed by one of the addiction counselors and a wilderness instructor for the duration of the trip. The two components and length of stay allow Wilderness Treatment Center graduates to be further in the addiction recovery process than those leaving other programs.

Addressing Addiction

Chemical dependency is defined as a primary, progressive and fatal illness. Without addiction treatment it will progress. When distrust, anger, worry and fear have become part of daily living, it is impossible to have a normal life. As soon as a family schedules their son’s admission, the family’s healing begins. Often, drug addiction problems are masked by anger, defiance, behavioral and emotional issues and other impulsive behaviors. Young men can be labeled ADD/ADHD, Oppositional Defiant, Conduct Disordered, Depressed and Bi-Polar. And because most young men will not be honest about the extent of their use, even well meaning addiction treatment professionals can underestimate and not accurately assess the level of impact their drug/alcohol addiction is having.

Therapeutic Philosophy

Families are informed of addiction treatment planning and progress on a weekly basis. Our 4-1/2 day family program allows for the reconstruction of family wholeness and health. The addiction counselors work closely with family members throughout the course of the addiction treatment to ensure the best possible outcome. The young men are medically supervised. Our experienced and licensed addiction treatment counselors utilize the 12 Steps and other therapeutic philosophies to assist these young men. Days are filled with individual and group therapy, informational videos and lectures, not only at the ranch, but also in the wilderness.

Proven Treatment Model

From it’s beginning, Wilderness Treatment Center has proven itself as a unique, safe and successful addiction treatment program for young men, approved and accepted by many major medical policies. Drug and alcohol dependency is a devastating and destructive disease and those young men who suffer from it and their families are entitled to the same loving care and addiction treatment as those suffering from any other disease. Our goal is to have young men and their families know a new beginning, a new freedom and happiness.

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